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Check out what our clients say about us.
Claudia liaised with the banks, negotiated a great rate for us and handled some complex documentation for our construction financing, all with super efficiency. We couldn't be happier.
John & Ana
February 2020
Claudia at Mortgage Solutions made the whole process simple and held our hand the whole way until completion. It was a pleasure thank you again.
Family Doyle
January 2018
Claudia and Mario were invaluable in assisting us to navigate the purchase of a property. The team's knowledge, contacts and reputation carried us through to a successful transaction.
Matthew and Maki Sola
August 2015
Hi Claudia, thank you very much for all your help and advice. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I know who is looking to invest in Portugal.
Tyrone Fredrickson
November 2014
Finally! It was rather stressful towards the end but successfully completed. Thanks for all your help. I would have no hesitation in recommending your excellent service to anyone looking for a mortgage in Portugal. Thanks again.
April 2014
In our dealings with Quinta Finance we have found them to be very professional and proactive not only in securing funding etc but in staying completely involved to the deal was completed.
Gordon Allan
January 2014
Hi Claudia, It hasn't been simple and I appreciate the role you have played in making this happen. Thank you for the excellent service you have provided, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.
Darren Watkins
July 2013
It has not been the fastest of purchases due to one thing and another, but I must say that we have been most impressed with your efficiency and promptness in dealing with all our many queries.
E. J
August 2011
It has not been the fastest of purchases due to one thing and another, but I must say that we have been most impressed with your efficiency and promptness in dealing with all our many queries.
E. J
August 2011
Many thanks for your considerable assistance in working through a less than straightforward mortgage application. It is safe to say that it would have been impossibly difficult to manage this without your help.
B. McC
August 2010
Thank you very much for all your help. You really have been great and for people who have never purchased anything overseas before it was great to have you looking after the matter.
A. F
February 2008
Many thanks for all your help. You have made the dream a reality, and I am delighted with the dedicated and understanding service that you have provided.
P. McD
October 2007
Thank you for all your help through this process. We would certainly recommend to anyone the professional service you have provided to ourselves.
J. T.
September 2007

The banks offer mortgages for acquisition, construction and equity release.

The most common types of mortgages are on a capital repayment basis with a variable or fixed interest rate.

For an indication of the monthly cost of the required mortgage, please consult our mortgage calculator.

The only additional cost will be the building insurance premium. Building insurance is required by all lenders and cover for fire and flood is mandatory.

Some lenders also require life insurance cover. We will advise of such a requirement when providing you with the initial simulations.

For a detailed list of the required documentation please click here.

Most banks offer a maximum mortgage term of 50 years for Portuguese residents and 30 years for non-residents.

The maximum age upon maturity of the mortgage is generally 80 for residents and 75 for non-residents.

Mortgages can be repaid early at any time during the loan term.

The early redemption penalty for a variable acquisition mortgage is 0.50% (as per the rule of the Bank of Portugal) and 2% for a fixed rate mortgage.

The interest rates of a Portuguese variable rate mortgages is linked to either the 3 or 6 month Euribor rate and increased by the margin (spread) that the bank applies.

This Euribor rate is set by a panel of European banks on a daily basis and is generally an indicator as to what rate European banks will lend to each other at (in the UK they use the London inter bank offer rate (LIBOR). Euribor rates can be accessed on the following site

In the case of the three month Euribor rate, your mortgage repayments will be fixed for three months at the prevailing rate at the day you sign the mortgage deed, thereafter, every three months later the bank will apply the average rate of the three month Euribor rate to your mortgage from the previous month.

The interest rate margin (spread) will be confirmed on the day the mortgage is approved and will be fixed for the term of the loan.

The bank will lend up to 80% of the lower of the valuation price or the purchase price of your chosen property. The mortgage approval will be based on various affordability ratios that the banks apply.

The bank will require proof of your income as per your latest tax return / P60 and a credit report for confirmation of existing liabilities. As a rule of thumb, 30% of your net income can be attributed to mortgage repayments (including the new mortgage in Portugal).

Building insurance

Building insurance is a mandatory requirement when taking out a Portuguese mortgage. The minimum cover required is generally against fire and floods. The insurance premium will be based on the re-construction value of the property.

Life insurance

Some banks require life insurance cover for either the main applicant or both mortgage applicants. We will advise you of such a mandatory requirement when providing you with the mortgage proposal document.

If life insurance is not required by the chosen lender you may wish to arrange such cover in your home country.

Content insurance

Content insurance is not mandatory when obtaining a mortgage but should be arranged when taking possession of your property.

Public liability cover

Public liability cover should be considered when intending to rent out the property. Public liability cover is an optional cover under the content insurance.